Graduate-in-Training Programme

The candidates for this programme are selected after they have successfully completed their commercial academic programme at a University (degree) or a University of Technology (diploma).

ArcelorMittal's graduate training programme offers more than just work integrated learning but vast exposure in live projects.

All candidates are subjected to an interview which is situational in nature with a presentation that is made by the candidate and then followed by a psychometric assessment. They are offered an opportunity to undergo a 24-month internship programme. They will rotate through various work areas until their internal programme is completed and ultimately placed into vacant positions where available. 

ArcelorMittal South Africa offers graduate training programmes to the following commercial disciplines:

  • Finance
  • Information Management
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Corporate Communications
  • Sales and Marketing 

Will I have support structures?

Every Graduate-in-Training is allocated a mentor at the beginning of the programme.

Coaches are subject matter expects who help the Graduates-in-Training to fit in in the department where they will be working (with teams). The coaches provide day-to-day support and have regular (weekly) follow-up and feedback sessions to ensure  a high level of work performance.

How will my progress be monitored?

Graduate-in-training are expected to present to a panel on their project every six months for a period of 24months. If the Graduate-in -training  is declared competent his/her salary will be adjusted accordingly as a form of recognition and award.

Graduate-in-Training candidates are given feedback at the end of their presentation and panel's recommendations.

What happens after 24 months?

if declared competent after 24 months in the Graduate-in-Training programme, the candidate will be appointed in a specific position.