In order to live up to our new brand promise of ‘Smarter steel for people and planet’, we are committed to the highest standards of corporate responsibility (CR). This is not only a matter of good corporate citizenship; the ability to demonstrate good social and community development practices makes us an attractive partner and opens up new business opportunities.

Our strategic goals include zero harm; long-term sustainability and people first.

We realise that an ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices will prove critical to achieving these goals and providing the kind of leadership that will transform the steel industry on the continent.

Leadership; we built and maintained our leadership position through visionary thinking and willingness to constantly challenge the status quo and be open to doing things differently, safety; success starts with keeping our employees safe, sustainability; we want to be competitive and thrive in the world of tomorrow, Quality; Quality is essential to our competitive edge, are our newly adopted brand values. In guiding the evolution of steel to secure the best future for the industry we remain mindful of our responsibility to the people in whom we invest, the communities we support and the environment in which we operate. This long-term approach is central to our business philosophy and inextricably linked to our future financial prosperity

We think of long-term sustainability in terms of:

  • Quality steel in the world’s first cost quartile
  • Raw material and energy inputs at below world-average prices
  • Bigger, more diverse domestic and international markets
  • Balance sheet strength and cash generation
  • Reliable production and logistics
  • Decarbonised steel
  • Delighted customers
  • Social licenses to operate
This philosophy manifests itself in an array of safety, health, environmental and social investment programmes, which represent the human interface of the organisation and is aimed at the well-being of the company’s key stakeholders, both in the operating environment and within society.

ArcelorMittal South Africa remains fully committed to further Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), recognising that it is the cornerstone of a strong and sustainable economy. We have renewed our focus on transforming the company and improving its empowerment status on all the elements identified in the Department of Trade & Industry's Codes of Good Practice.

With board and executive level representation the company ensures that sustainable development activities receive the highest level of attention. Details of our activities on all fronts of sustainability are contained in the integrated annual reports on this website.