Enterprise Development

This application page is extended to EME and QSE’s with majority black ownership. Organisations within this category are invited to register themselves with ArcelorMittal South Africa for the possible inclusion within either the Enterprise or Supplier development programs.

How it works
Potential organisations may use the link below to register themselves by completing all the required information on the WEB and submitting the required documentation. Access to the site is via the following link: https://esdp.arcelormittalsa.com which brings you to the application form for completion. What happens after I have submitted my details to ArcelorMittal?

By completing the application form it will allow ArcelorMittal South Africa to establish a comprehensive database of all qualifying entrepreneurs and enterprises within our various local communities who would like to participate in either an Enterprise or Supplier development program in future.

The most important benefit of registering on ArcelorMittal South Africa’s Enterprise and Supplier development database is that it allows us to know who you are and what service or product you offer.

From this list ArcelorMittal consider entrepreneurs with the best ability to meet ArcelorMittal’s strategic objectives for inclusion in our Enterprise and Supplier development program.

Documentation required
Your company profile, B-BBEE verification and company registration certificates need to be uploaded and submitted with the application form.

Entrepreneurial training opportunity:
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